TED Talks: The Secrets to a Happy Life + Classroom Resources

First, welcome back to those of you returning from Spring Break.  The blog, too, took a bit of a break last week, and I hope that these findings on the secrets to happiness encourage in you the well being that a rest can bring.

The NY Times blog Well recently reported on a long-running Harvard study about the secrets to a happy life and the study’s director, Dr. Robert Waldinger, shared some of the findings in this TED Talk:

This talk’s seven million views suggest just how important happiness is to us and, of course, students.  You’ll find many resources on happiness at PBS LearningMedia that you can filter by grade, subject and media type.  Here is just a sampling:

Poetry Brings Happiness to Troubled Teens

Dinosaur Train’s Happy to Be Myself

Needs vs. Wants Lesson Plan

You can also read the entire NY Times’ article here.

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