Arbor Day: Trees & Our Amazing Planet

Trees are not only curious creatures, they’re noble forces on our planet, essential to our breath and our beauty.  We have fine resources to help students appreciate the critical role trees play in sustaining life of Earth, on Arbor Day or any day.

One, from the National Arbor Day Foundation, helps students learn that a tree functions as both a supporting structure and a pathway, transporting food down from the leaves through photosynthesis and conducting water and minerals up from the roots. View Interactive .

Another is Arbor Day | All About the Holidays | Grades K-5:  Find out why Americans nationwide are planting trees on this Earth-friendly holiday.

EARTH a New Wild | Grades 5-12Experience the wonders of the natural world and explore the crossroads between nature, conservation, and society with EARTH A New Wild Collection.

What is Wind? | It’s Okay to be Smart | Grades 6-12Wind is everywhere- the air is constantly moving, sometimes gently, sometimes violently. Find out how pressure, temperature and rotation of the earth come together to make wind.

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