NoHo Pride Event & LGBT Resources

Northampton’s 35th Pride’s Parade & Pride Event is this Saturday, May 7, and WGBY, as a proud supporter, will be participating in the parade festivities.

PBS also offers a range of LGBT resources at PBS Learning Media, where you can filter by grade, content and media type.  In addition, the following programs have LGBT content:

PBS NewsHour EXTRA Lesson Plans & Resources:

POV – Documentaries with a Point of View: List of LGBT documentaries

Independent Lens:   LGBT Religious Organization Resource List

American ExperienceTimeline of Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement & Other Resources

PBS SOCal (Southern California) :  Video of dedicated volunteer at Los Angeles LGBT Center discussing how his time and expertise help develop meaningful job training experiences for young people served by the Center

Learn more about Northampton Pride here.


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