Sid the Science Kid & Cyberchase : Symmetrical Patterns in Nature

While the snowflakes in this clip may not be fit with today’s temperatures, this Sid the Science Kid game is a great exercise in symmetry.  In spring, students can notice the beautiful symmetry of fresh leaves. Children are pretty quick to recognize the symmetry that’s all around us.  Just looking in the mirror shows evidence that the human body is symmetrical.  (And did you know that plants and animals that exhibit symmetrical features are thought to be healthier than asymmetrical members of their species?)

A Cyberchase video segment with support materials also teaches how symmetry reveals itself in nature. When Bianca wants to learn why her plants keep dying, she turns to a plant expert at the New York Botanical Garden for insight. The expert shows her some patterns in plants, including bilateral and rotational symmetry, before discovering the pattern that may be killing her plants.  You’ll find the video and materials here at PBS LearningMedia.

The snowflake game and others for Sid can be found here on the PBS KIDS Lab.  At the Lab site you’ll also find many other PBS KIDS games, other activities and more.


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