PEEP and The Big Wide Bilingual World — Tested & Approved

PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD is no longer so new, but it is just as endearing and effective as ever.  More than just an offbeat cartoon, it’s a broadcast and digital universe that teaches science and math to young kids — and it’s fully bilingual.  Parents can click the big “Espanol” icon in the corner of any page to expose their kids to these lovable characters talking about STEM concepts in Spanish. ¡Excelente!

A recent summative assessment with 400 families found that English and Spanish speaking children who used PEEP resources were significantly more likely to improve their knowledge of math and science content, increase their interest in math and science, and show curiosity about math and science. Additionally, 99% of children said they would watch/play with PEEP again.

Conducted by Concord Evaluation Group, the study went on to show that English- and Spanish-speaking parents who used PEEP resources were significantly more likely than parents who did not use PEEP to find enjoyment exploring science with their children, improve their knowledge of how to help their children learn science concepts, and believe that it is their role to help their children learn science and math. Furthermore, 100% of parents reported that they would let their child watch/play with PEEP again.

To find these tested resources, visit the easy-to-navigate Peep website where new scientists are hatched everyday!

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