Educating About Melanoma — Summer or Anytime

As you can imagine from this video, Meghan Rothschild is passionate about educating young people about the dangers of melanoma, and her work with the Melanoma Foundation of New England provides her with a platform to do just that.

Whether it’s near the start of summer or in the middle of winter, anytime can be a good time to learn about melanoma.  On a visit to WGBY, Meghan shared that The Melanoma Foundation of New England has launched its Your Skin Is In program nationally online.  While the program has existed for 9 years, this year the curriculum for teachers has been redesigned.

You can read more and watch their promotional video here.  When you register, you’ll be able to see the curriculum for various ages.

At PBS LearningMedia you can find Detecting Pigments in Cancer and Art, a few resources on “skin cancer” and many others on the more general topic of “cancer.”

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