Walking in Nature & Changing our Brains

Is being outdoors part of your summer plan?  Many of us already know that a walk in the park or the woods can calm our minds.  Now, an article in the NY Times blog “Well,” How Walking in Nature Changes The Brain,” shares a recent study about nature’s effects on our brains and mental health.  The article’s intriguing look at nature and the brain, including differences in anxiety, depression and other mental illness for those living in and out of urban centers, just might motivate you to spend more time in nature’s green spaces.

PBS has long championed nature and the environment with programs and resources such as 

NATURE and PBS KIDS programming such as Wild Kratts and Nature Cat, just to name a few.

You’ll find resources from these programs as well as thousands of others when searching “Nature” at PBS LearningMedia, where you can filter by specific content areas, grades, and resource types.

To read the entire Times article, click here.

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