As You Head Back: Be Inspired

This clip introduces MAKERS to anyone unfamiliar with this collaboration between AOL and PBS that showcases woman who help make America.  If you subscribe to MAKERS Monday, you receive a weekly email with inspiring stories about women from all walks of life who are leaders in our country. Inspiring.

This Monday, which may find you beginning school or soon heading back, MAKERS features Your Ultimate Back-to- School Guide slideshow and stories of women influencing education such as Ruth Simmons, first African-American Ivy League President, Brown, Michelle Obama, co-founder of Let Girls Learn, 

Michelle Lee, education reformer, and more. Click here for these videos and the Guide slideshow.

You can also explore the MAKERS site — the largest collection of women’s stories — for other fun and inspiring videos such as Michelle Obama Singing karaoke for a cause with friends.  Among the songs, you’ll hear This is for My Girls.

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