WGBY’s Growing DVD Collection at the Springfield City Library

wgby-collectionWe’re about to send a box full of DVDs with some of the latest PBS programming to the Springfield City Library, where WGBY’s DVD collection is now housed. You can order from our large and growing DVD collection through C/W Mars, a shared library automation system dedicated to rapid access of resources.

From titles that range from You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! to Shakespeare’s Tomb to The Secret History of ISIS, you’ll find programs with content that can be tailored to classroom engagement and to your own personal interests.  You’ll also find plentiful classroom resources on  programs and subjects such as these at PBS LearningMedia.  Searching “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” yields hundreds of resources as will a search of “Shakespeare” and PBS NewsHour (for critical topics of the day) — all of which you can filter by content and resource type.

To search the WGBY Collection at C/W Mars, click here.  And please stay tuned for DVD’s of interest to educators that we’ll feature on our blog.

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