Roadtrip Nation: Beyond the Dream for Young Immigrants

You’ll find previous posts here about Roadtrip Nation, a program that follows young adults who travel across our country for inspiration about how to find meaningful work and live meaningful lives.  The travelers you see in this trailer for Roadtrip Nation’s Beyond the Dream are three immigrants who arrived in the U. S. when they were young and have been temporarily granted partial — but not full — protection against deportation.

In our country’s current immigration debate, we seem rarely, if ever, to hear immigrants’ voices (although most of us, if lucky, still have family members who immigrated to the U. S. and have their stories).  Beyond the Dream allows these young immigrants to tell us their stories.

Over 1,000 resources on

“immigrants” that can be filtered by grade, content and resource type are available at PBS LearningMedia.

You can watch Beyond the Dream, meet the team and explore the route by clicking here, and you can visit Roadtrip Nation’s website to find more inspiring resources for young adults.

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