Gwen Ifill, Graduate of Springfield Classical High School

As oftewwslideshowgwenaschildn happens with the death of a loved one, old photos are taken out and studied.  This one of Gwen Ifill shows her as a child, wearing the smile that would bring warmth to her keen-eyed reporting.

Growing up, she lived with her family in various places, including Massachusetts, as her pastor father took on various assignments.  While PBS can take pride that Ifill was one of its own, our region can also take pride in knowing that she graduated from former Classical High School in Springfield.

A 2013 MassLive article,

Gwen Ifill, Classical High grad, Judy Woodruff user in new era in TV news, heralds this fact.  You may also like to view the slideshow of Gwen Ifill with family, friends, and colleagues at PBS Washington Week.

Also, please visit WGBY on Facebook where you’ll see more about this fine reporter whose life we celebrate.





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  1. Great posting on Gwen. You probably saw the hour long tribute to her on the News Hour. So moving.


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