Tuning Students In To The Great Thanksgiving Listen & Turning Up the Volume on Love

The start of the holidays can accelerate our lives until we forget to appreciate what this time means to us, but if you make time to listen to this recent TED Talk by Dave Isay, Thank You, Grandpa, you may slow down enough to be present and thankful.

As Isay revisits The Great Thanksgiving Listen (TGTL) of 2015, he includes clips of students interviewing grandparents and the growth of TGTL — a national education project of StoryCorps & Goggle that empowers high school students to interview an elder over Thanksgiving weekend  and submit it to the Library of Congress using the StoryCorps App.

This video about The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a resource available at PBS LearningMedia along with other related materials such as interview tips and Dave Isay’s 2015 TED Talk:  Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear, watched  over 1 million times and rated as “Inspiring” and “Beautiful.”

For more information about The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016, click here.


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