WGBY’s New Documentary on the Big E — More Than Amusement Rides & Corn Dogs


Whether the Big E — the Northeast’s largest fair and country’s only multi-state fair — is an annual tradition or a source of regional pride, you’ll find much to learn from 100 Years on the Avenue:  The Story of the Big E, airing tonight on WGBY at 8pm.  WGBY’s production team, led by Dave Fraser, worked tirelessly to craft this important, new local documentary.

We can hear the dedication behind the film’s production in Fraser’s words:  “I wanted to create a documentary that really told the story of The Big E from the perspective of each of the six New England states.  The Big E is much more than amusement rides and corn dogs; it’s about industry and agriculture. It’s about our livelihoods and our food supply.”

For resources that take a broader look at industry and agriculture in the U. S., take a look at these PBS Learning Media sites:

America’s Heartland:  An inside look at the people and processes involved in bringing food, fuel, and fiber to those in the United States and around the world.

The Rise of Industrial America with Teacher’s Guide:   A collection that contains individually selected photographs that may be used by educators to explain and discuss American life during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (The Teacher’s Guide, for teachers of grades 6-12, provides more details.)

You can also view a trailer of 100 Years on the Avenue:  The Story of the Big E at WGBY’s website.

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