The Magic of LEGOs for Learning Mathematics & More

Gwen Ifill, who we recently lost, narrates this story of middle-schooler Shubham Banerjee.  The student asked a simple question — how do blind people read? — and was inspired  and transformed into a tech entrepreneur through his use of the famous LEGO blocks.

We know that playing with these bricks can capture children’s imaginations, leading to some pretty spectacular and often original designs.  (My grown son still wants me to keep his collection LEGO pieces:) So are we surprised when Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, writes in Scholastic that LEGOs are her “favorite possibility-packed math manipulative”?  The article’s pictures illustrate how multi-sized LEGO pieces can add up to math awareness, teaching concepts like fractions, shapes, and counting.

To see PBS LearningMedia’s resources for learning with LEGOs, click here.

Read Alycia Zimmerman’s Scholastic article.




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