She came as an orphan . . . Stories & Much More for Black History Month

This excerpt from The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross tells the story of Priscilla, a young girl purchased by a rice planter at a South Carolina slave auction. Searching for resources to bring black history alive this February (or any month), I discovered this video clip in 50 Resources for Black History Month, shared by PBS station KQED in San Francisco.  Thank you, KQED!

Among these varied resources for teaching and learning about African Americans  in United States history and culture, KQED shared the following:

All About the Holidays: Black History Month

Use this 90 second video to generate ideas for how Black History Month can be recognized in your community.

Depth and Dimension with Five Black History Month Lessons

This collection of resources highlights key events, movements, and traditions as well as notable leaders, poets, and musicians.

PBS Documentary Collections

PBS LearningMedia provides several notable collections from award winning documentaries around black history. These collections feature extensive multimedia resources, lesson plans and student guides that extend learning beyond Black History Month.

More Than a Month Collection

Addresses a wide range of themes of the African-American experience from 1500 to the present and explore cultural appropriation with these resources.

More resources are shared at KQEDeducation @ Pinterest.  The original piece from KQED Learning can be found here

You’ll find even more by searching “Black History” at PBS LearningMedia.

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