Newtown: From Grief, A Chance to Teach & Learn More Mindfully


Premiering tonight at 9pm on WGBY, the new documentary Newtown from Independent Lens tells the aftermath of December 14, 2012, when 26 died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

One teacher at PBS Teachers’ Lounge writes, Newtown is the documentary that no one wants to watch, but everyone needs to watch.”  PBS LearningMedia has developed a collection of videos and lesson plans for grades

Prek-5 and 6-12 called “Kindness, Empathy & Resilience” that includes the importance of practicing mindfulness. These resources help educators foster resilience in students of all ages and include strategies to help children and teenagers cope with the stresses of everyday life as well as specific challenges.

Additional resources:

About the film, the families and the healing >  Independent Lens’ Newtown

From one teacher’s reaction to the documentary and related resources > PBS Teachers’ Lounge blog.

For past WGBY Education Blog posts about Newtown > here

And if you miss the premiere, you should be able to stream the film for up to two weeks at WGBY’s website, much longer on Passport if you’re a WGBY sustaining member.

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