Entire Collections of Resources for Memorial Day

PBS LearningMedia has resources for grades 2-13+ to help make Memorial Day meaningful to students, including video clips, lesson plansand more teacher support materials.

Revealing that the first official “Decoration Day,” now known as “Memorial Day,” was observed at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1868, this video can engage students in a discussion about the day’s history and why we celebrate today.

Here are several collections for Memorial Day from PBS LearningMedia:

Soldiers, Veterans and War in American Life, grades 4-12:  This collection of videos, images, and lesson plans can help you bring stories from the battlefront into your classroom. Topics include veterans’ recounted memories of WW2 and Vietnam as well as personal stories about the choice to become a soldier and how serving relates to personal values and goals.

Teaching the Constitution, grades 2 – 13+:  In honor of Memorial Day, help your students understand the significance of the US Constitution and the freedoms it preserves. This collection includes a variety of resources to help students grades 2-13+ better understand this historic document.

Crash Course U. S. History, grades 9-12:  Want to know more about WW2 and how it forever changed America’s role in the world? Take a Crash Course in US History and explore the stories and events that shaped our nation’s history!

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