PBS Kids Apps – A Great Gateway to Learning


Last Saturday, Springfield Museums hosted WGBY Day in celebration of opening The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum! As the Education and Community Outreach Intern, I spent most of the day teaching children how to access many of PBS’ kids apps on our station’s tablets. At least that was the intention. It turned out that most of the kids were better at it than I am. It’s amazing how quickly kids are able to figure out the new tech they’re introduced to.

One five-year old girl in particular jumped right in and, spent half an hour piecing together Caillou puzzles. Her parents were surprised that it came so easily to her, since they try to limit their children’s screen time and did not think she had ever used a tablet before. Once she was comfortable using the tablet, she moved onto another PBS game that helped her practice writing her letters. These playtime apps are a great gateway to more learning activities and often come instinctively to kids.

PBS has dozens of apps for kids of all ages that are perfect for classrooms, at home learning and fun on the go. You can find the full list of PBS Kids free apps available for download here.

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