Stemming the Summer Slide with PBS Learning Media

It is no secret that many students tend to forget things during the long months of summer vacation. Luckily, PBS Learning Media has plenty of resources to keep your children and students up to date. The Summer Learning Collection exists to foster curiosity and prevent some of that “summer slide.”

“Saving A Lost Language” highlights the work Cherokee people are doing to preserve their culture through sharing their language.  Language is integral to most cultures and has become a beacon of hope in the retention of them. PBS Learning Media hosts a number of these kinds of shorts and lessons, easily found in their collections.

The Summer Learning Collection is an extensive list of videos for all ages and grades that cover a realm of topics including Travel & Culture, Reading & Writing, and Arts & Crafts. The videos come from a variety of PBS sources, like NOVA and PBS Kids. This collection and ones like it are the perfect way to encourage young learners in fun and interesting ways.

Other summer themed collections include The Camp PBS Learning Media Collection and The Summer Reading Collection .  The Camp Collection has sections for Nature Education, Stargazing and Robotics. The Summer Reading Collection has tips and lessons for readers at all levels.


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