Reflections on a WGBY Summer

Those of us who helped to shape WGBY’s 2017 Summer of Fun and Learning took time to reflect on the work we’ve done together, both at the station and at the sites we visited.¬†

This summer, three interns from Putnam Vocational and I were given the opportunity to work with Bess Kapetanis, Education Programs Coordinator, bringing WGBY’s Mobile Learning Lab to students in summer programs across Springfield. For five weeks, we visited Gerena Community School, the local YMCA and two different Head Start locations, working with students from Pre-K to seventh grade. Every week we planned a curriculum, chose books to handout, and worked one on one with dozens of students. ¬†Most of all we sat with the children, playing PBS Kids educational games and getting to hear their stories and laughter. We all have our favorite anecdotes, books, and apps from our time here and will carry them with us as we start the new school year.

The end of the summer also marked the end of my internship here at WGBY. The past nine weeks have been a joy and a learning experience. Working with the other interns and Bess, blogging, playing with the kids have all fostered a confidence and an eagerness in me that I am so grateful for.

If you would like to learn about future WGBY internship opportunities, please contact Bess Kapetanis at


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