The Vietnam War — Only On PBS

WGBY premieres Ken Burns and Lynn Novick new documentary series, Vietnam, this Sunday, September 17, at 8pm.  While a 10-part series might seem daunting to some, David Bianculli’s, NPR’s Fresh Air film critic, calls it a “brilliantly structured documentary series,” noting its powerful use of music such as “Led Zeppelin’s ‘Dazed and Confused’ [which] isn’t just a rock song; it’s a battlefield debriefing.”

As Ken Burns himself remarks in this trailer, the film could only have been made only on PBS.  And even before classroom resources from the documentary appear on PBS LearningMedia, you can find hundreds of other resources there to help teach the tragic lessons of the Vietnam War.

You can also find David Bianculli’s complete review of the series here.

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