A Cure for Holiday Stress — Gratitude

Whether at the end of an old year, with the stress and anxiety that holidays can bring, or at the beginning of a new one — and all the time in between — teaching and practicing an attitude of gratitude can be transformative — as suggested in this video from PBS Digital Studios.

PBS LearningMedia has PreK-12 resources to help you nurture gratitude in students.  From its Transformative Teachers collection (and The Dali Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT), a lesson plan for grades 5-8 

is designed to spark discussion around the meaning of gratitude by helping students better appreciate the kindness of others and the importance of their relationships with everyone in their lives.  Explore the lesson plan.

Thank You, Neighbors! from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood teaches PreK-1 children that every day is a great day to say “thank you” and prompts them to think about what they’re thankful for this holiday season.  Another video, Mr. McFeely Saves the Day, reminds young learners how important it is to show appreciation to the parents and caregivers who help them.

For the PBS Digital Studios video The Amazing Effects of Gratitude, click here.

And before you take your Winter Break, Thank You for the countless ways you help students and for following WGBY’s Education Blog as it supports your all-important work.  Happy Holidays!




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