Diversity in Autism

WGBY Intern and UMASS Senior, Jonathan Daly, writes:

As we learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, the diversity of autism and the multitude of ways that it effects children become increasingly apparent. As educators (or future educators), we ourselves must learn how to incorporate new techniques that encompass the needs of children with autism into our curriculums.

In light of Autism Awareness Month, we want to share multiple resources that can help expand your understanding of autism, such as Autism in Young Children. In the video provided, Jennifer Rymanowski, a licensed behavioral analyst at Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, explains the diversity between children with autism and how differently each child develops.

For younger viewers, PBS has incorporated a character with a form of autism into one of our most popular programs, Arthur. Carl, a bunny with Asperger’s Syndrome, has been added to the cast of Arthur characters to help spread awareness of autism to children.

There are over 30 other autism resources on PBS Learning Media that can be used to help both educators and students acquire a larger understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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