Art in Civilizations


WGBY Intern and UMASS Senior, Jonathan Daly, writes:

Art can tell us a lot about history. It is a cultural reflection of civilizations that have now come to pass. This month PBS is debuting “Civilizations,” a nine-part series that delves into different cultures from antiquity to the present. The show educates viewers on how art and creative imagination have helped shape humanity while giving insight into the diversity of the cultures that created them.

Measuring Histories with Sonya Clark is just one of many art related assignments that are available on PBS LearningMedia. In her featured video, Clark gives students an art assignment that focuses their personal histories into a piece of their own creation. Her assignment exemplifies how art reflects people’s personal experiences and cultures, allowing us to study them. Sonya’s assignment is part of The Art Assignment Collection, which provides a multitude of other activities that both students and educators can explore.

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