Teacher Appreciation Week — For All the Teachers in Our Lives

As we see in this clip,  Eleanor Roosevelt, herself a teacher, recognized the importance of appreciating teachers.  From learning to tie our shoe laces to studying small and large worlds, our lives are enriched by classroom teachers and by the parents, caregivers and others who inspire us with acts of generosity and kindness.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, PBS has a wealth of resources to celebrate the teachers who have touched our lives.  PBS LearningMedia offers classroom materials and, in celebration of the week, PBS Teachers’ Lounge contributors asked the question, “Who inspired you to become a teacher?”  You’ll find 21 of their wise and loving responses at PBS NewsHour.  The PBS Teachers’ Lounge site also has teachers’ answers to another question, “What is the best gift you ever received?”

For parents and caregivers — themselves powerful teachers — PBS Parents provides tools, such as the new PBS Parents Child Development Tracker, as well as activities and advice to help them be the best teachers they can be for the children in their lives.


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