50 Years of Sesame Street — A Force for Good in 150 Countries

Regardless of the grade you may teach, please take a few minutes to watch this joyful Sesame Street Season 50 Anthem that launches a year-long celebration.

Sesame Street is now the longest-running children’s show in American television history.  As a recent press release explains, “Set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement and the war on poverty, Sesame Street was created to answer a simple question:  could television be used to 

level the playing field and help prepare less advantaged children for school? . . . Ever since, Sesame Street has helped children around the world to learn, feel included and respect others. With a curriculum that evolves to meet the needs of every new generation, it is now a force for good in over 70 languages and 150 countries.”

Among its thousands of PreK-12 resources, PBS LearningMedia has many from Sesame Street.  You can filter by subject and resource type to find materials that use the show’s diverse cast of beloved characters — including Oscar the Grouch! — to teach essential skills.

We hope you’ll stay tuned as a year-long celebration brings new initiatives, a commissioned study, and a star-studded prime-time special to commemorate this landmark program.

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