Love These Resources from PBS LearningMedia

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Ladybugs are unlikely to conjure images of love as do doves, swans and puppy dogs.  Many may think of ladybugs as harmless creatures that walk along window sills and occasionally take wing.  But this video from KQED San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios shows them gathering after long winter flights to hibernate and find mates in a ritual that is sure to fascinate students.

You’ll find many intriguing resources  at PBS LearningMedia like this video, The Ladybug Love-In: A Valentine’s Special | Deep Look, for grades 6-12.  For a range of grades, here’s a sampling, all of which provide support materials:

Collection of resources for grades PreK-6 related to the holiday, familial love and friendship:  Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Collection of resources for grades 4-12:  Medicine Woman…It’s Love That Heals

Short video for grades 6-12:  Is Love All You Need? | BrainCraft

Jane Austin’s Emma 2: Love and Marriage

Paul Newman in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town 2: Love and Marriage.







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