WGBYello Everyone!

Punny title aside, Hi everyone! My name is Isaac Salant, but everyone calls me Izzy.  I’m going to be volunteering at WGBY for the semester, helping out in the education department. I wanted to introduce myself to everyone so here goes.

I’m a senior at UMass Amherst, getting my degree in theater and journalism. As you can see in the video, I’m an avid magician and have been performing magic since 8th grade. Adding on to the fun facts, I also did martial arts for 10 years and was able to achieve a first degree black belt.
I grew up in Maryland, right outside Washington D.C. so I have a love for DC sports.  But I’ve lived in Patriots country for the past 4 years, and it’s started to grow on me.
Journalism and PBS run in my family. My father is the former president of the National Press Club, and my mother designed the website for the online News Hour when Jim Lehrer was here.  I also grew up watching PBS kids and was (and admittedly still am) an avid fan of Cyberchase, and if I want any updates on the show or to be immersed in the world, I just have to go to the PBS kids website under “Cyberchase” where it’s right at my fingertips.
Anyway, this is the first of many posts and I can’t wait to see what the semester has in store. Have a pleasant week everyone.


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