Empowering Students with New NOVA Curriculum on Algorithms

“Children today are growing up in a world surrounded by AI: algorithms determine what information they see, help select the videos they watch, and shape how they learn to talk,” Karen Hao writes for MIT Technology Review.

With the power of algorithms in young lives, it’s vital that they know how artificial intelligence works.  According to Hao, new curriculum developed at MIT’s Media Lab, which is now open-sourced, can “help students discover how algorithms are developed and how those processes go on to affect people’s lives.”  If children better understand artificial intelligence, the curriculum’s creator believes, they could become smarter consumers of the technology—and be more empowered to play a role in shaping its future.

This new curriculum, which helps children understand how algorithms are designed, will keep them safe and motivate them to help shape the technology’s future.  Read more in the MIT Technology Review. To read more about how AL: algorithms shape how children talk, click here.

At PBS LearningMedia you can find more classroom resources on algorithms and artificial intelligence, refining your search by grade, content and resource type.

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