Ken Burns Classroom on PBS LearningMedia

Ken Burns and his collaborators have been creating historical documentary films for over forty years.  With Burns’ signature style, the films contain resources for powerful classroom engagement, which teachers can now access with the Ken Burns Classroom on PBS LearningMedia. The new hub, created for 4-12th grade educators, is inspired by  Ken Burns’s renowned documentaries.  It houses a full library of classroom-ready content – aligned to state and national standards – to help students further explore the complex historical events and issues illustrated in Ken Burns’s films.

These films offer brings primary source documents, images, and archival video footage to life on screen and help  pose thought-provoking questions for students.  To explore these resources that include a media gallery (68), lesson plans (56), documents (15), images (26), and videos (252) for Grades 4-13+, visit Ken Burns in the Classroom.


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