413Families Learning @ Home + Other Resources for Home

This wonderful slideshow is composed of photographs from families in response to a recent  413 Families/Familias request to share how they’re learning at home.  From these images, we can see that families are finding ways to learn together during this challenging time away from school.

As we’ve been doing here, we’ll continue to share resources for distant learning, including 413 Families/Familias, which is

a community-based texting program for families with young children living in Springfield, and now also Holyoke, that offers information about mostly free, fun things to do along with tips about health, learning and more.  During our health crisis, it’s goal — a better life and future for you and your children — is more important than ever.

To receive text messages with weekly tips, resources, and giveaways, text 413Families (or 413Familias for Spanish) to 313131. To receive Holyoke-specific texts, text 413familiesH (English) or 413familiasH (Spanish) to 313131.
Additional PBS KIDS resources that can serve grades PreK-5 at home are:

PBS KIDS Daily:  A new weekday newsletter with activities and tips

PBS KIDS for Parents:  Great resources for parents, it now includes a Spanish version of “How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus,’ How to Draw Your Favorite PBS KIDS Characters Playlist on YouTube, and more

Parent and Teacher Resources from PBS NATURE:  For inspiration, boredom-relief, or lesson plans for children of all ages

PBS LearningMedia:  Whether parent or educator, you can create a free account and search by grade and content area.  Thousands of video clips, activities, lesson plans and more.

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