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Many of us have already fallen in love with Molly of Denali — a pint-sized bundle of joy, from a small village in Alaska, who uses a vlog to share her daily adventures.  She is curious and never far from a question that can’t be investigated using informational text — the show’s main learning objective.

You can join in a three part virtual professional learning series for educators and caregivers to discover easy and fun ways to use Molly to teach complex concepts like informational text and cultural responsiveness.

Informational Text with Molly > April 16 @ 7pm ET:  Hear from the country’s leading expert on informational text and the show’s instructional advisor, Nell Duke, as she lead participants through their own journey of understanding and provides important guidance around helping children determine the right questions to ask that will lead them to the information they seek. Learn more and register here.

Culturally Responsive Teaching with Molly > April 23 @ 7pm ET:  In this virtual professional learning episode, educators will be lead through a discussion about how educators can honor their students, embrace differences and appreciate similarities in a systematic way that goes beyond simply offering food samples from around the world or engaging in read alouds. Learn more and  register here.

Integrating Technology with Molly > April 30 @ 7pm ET:  The final episode of this virtual professional learning series celebrates how Molly love of technology and uses it responsibly!  We’ll consider the important role real-world tech use plays in students’ lives and their understanding and engagement with informational text. Learn more and  register here.


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