Live Chat with Filmmaker Stanley Nelson

On Tuesday, May 5 at 7pm ET, teachers can join an exclusive live chat with award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson. Together with PBS Digital Innovator All Stars Mike Lang, David Olson and PBS Kids’ Early Learning Champion Roshanna Beard, you’ll be part of a discussion about how educators can act as catalysts for students to make change in our world.

Because this discussion is live, participants will be able to ask Stanley Nelson and fellow educators questions in real time.

With clips from Nelson’s documentaries, the conversation will explore approaches and the ethics behind tackling big picture problems with learners, talk about how to support students experiencing trauma, and ways that educators can guide students in identifying problems and avenues for change

To be part of this rich, deep and honest conversation that will help you connect to students and help make yesterday’s lessons relevant for today’s learners, register here.



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