Helping Children Develop Emotional Resilience during Coronavirus

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) recently shared a new brief about how to provide a nurturing environment for children and support the development of their emotional resilience.  It also shares ways that non-parents can help friends and family members with children.
The brief addresses what it calls practicing the 3 R’s: Reassurance, Routine, and Regulation and gives practical, intelligent suggestions about issues such as validating children’s feelings when

they haven’t seen teachers and friends and feel frightened or alone.  The brief advises to “acknowledge these feelings and share with them that you miss your friends too” — good practice for whatever troubled feelings young people may have. (And it’s a practice that can help older people as well.)

Please take a look at “How to Help Children Develop Emotional Resilience during Coronavirus.”  It won’t take long and is well worth reading!

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