Children — Old Enough to Start Learning What’s Fair

Teaching the importance of being fair and caring about others  — especially by example — must start early in children’s lives.  First teachers are in the home, in early learning classrooms, and in the media children watch.  The quality of their engagement with viewing experiences can make a difference in the quality of their characters.

This Arthur video provides age-appropriate ideas related to racism and takes inspiration from civil-rights leader John Lewis who said, “If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you just have to speak up.”  The conversation between Arthur, his friend, Buster, and neighbor, Mrs. MacGraddy, sets an example for children (and adults!) as they learn to talk, listen, and act to make their world a more just place.

PBS KIDS is committed to providing children, families and educators with high-quality, researched-based resources to promote a just society.  You’ll find more resources for classroom and home for Arthur at PBS LearningMedia and at Arthur’s website.



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