In Times of Crisis — Fred Rogers Still Offers Us Good Advice

A recent article in Today entitled, We need Mister Rogers’ video messages after 9/11 now more than ever, reminded me how Fred Rogers’ words continue to calm and instruct — both children and adults.  This video was made when Mister Rogers Neighborhood was no longer on the air, and he was said to doubt whether videos such as this one would do any good.

In this video we hear the simple wisdom needed in the aftermath of 9/11 as well as now — when our country and the world face current crises and tragedies that affect our children.  We need to listen to children and learn what they’re thinking and imagining.  Then we can know better (or find out) what words and actions can help to make them feel safer.

If your child is PreK-3 years of age or you’re working with this age group, you can continue to find PreK-K socio-emotional resources with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Collection, PreK-K mathematics resources with the Peg + Cat Collection, and K-3 mathematics resources from the Odd Squad Collection — all at PBS LearningMedia!

A search of  “Fred Rogers” in this blog also shows past posts about this great educator’s power to teach and inspire.

You can also read Today’s article on Mister Roger’s messages here.

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