Martin Luther King, Jr. — A Beacon of Hope

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
Martin Luther King, Jr., 21 October 2011
President Barack Obama was said to have had this quotation woven into the rug of the Oval Office.  After these past months, which highlighted racial injustice, greater political polarization, and unprecedented civic unrest, Dr. King’s words may never have been more important for us to hold as a beacon of hope.
Children, who are not impervious to the news, need to learn about our history and to celebrate leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.  To honor and teach the contributions and sacrifices of Martin L. King, Jr. — around his day and throughout the year — you’ll find a wealth of resources at PBS LearningMedia when searching his name.
Here are a few samples:

Collection:  Observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for grades K-5 and 2-6 as well as numerous other Collections of resources in which he plays a prominent role

Analyzing King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Lesson Plan for grades 6-13+ from PBS NewsHour

Also, at the American Experience website, you’ll find featured resources, including a Teacher’s Guide:  Suggestions for Active Learning.

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