Project Based Learning Across the Curriculum

While the webinar Meeting the Moment With Project-Based Learning on April 1 promises to share key PBL elements and practices as well as supportive resources, there are simply too many resources to see in one hour!  (Last post has webinar details.)

Teaching Project-Based Lessons | Sound Field, one of many Project Based Learning (PBL) resources atPBS LearningMedia, shows English facilitator Marty Vaughan describing how he uses project-based learning to engage students in narrative writing that leads them to become storytellers and songwriters who have the opportunity to hear their work on the radio!

School of the Future | Project-Based Learning features two schools whose project-based curriculum is helping not only to engage students with real-world problems, but also to address gaps or inequalities in education in this media gallery from NOVA: School of the Future Collection.

In Resources in Effective Instruction you can examine best practices for educators engaging with various student populations about topics ranging from bullying and character education to the engineering design process.

You can also start with a basic search of “Project Based Learning,” which takes you to many resources that you can then filter by grade, content areas, type of resource and even language.

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