Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

In the past, self care could be perceived as selfish and mental health as something not to be discussed, at least not in public.  Mental health now takes its place in importance alongside  physical health, and Mental Health Awareness Month this May may take on heightened importance given the pressures of the pandemic.

PBS offers educational resources to promote self care

in youth and adults, especially at this time.  Recent articles from the newsletter PBS KIDS for Parents give basic advice for supporting mental health.  11 Simple Self-Care Habits for Kids makes the important point that it’s not selfish to self-care and provides ways for parents to teach children how to care of themselves, including how they can mirror their own self care.  The article Self Care for Parents from Sesame Street Workshop assures parents that they’re doing the best they can and offers tips for recharging when they feel overwhelmed.

The PBS Learning Media’s collection Youth Mental Health explores answers to depression, anxiety, toxic stress, and suicide through the lens of experts, educators, parents and youth.  It includes videos of focus groups discussing youth mental health issues and of youth and young adults sharing their experiences with these issues.

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