PBS KIDS Talk About!

Family conversations between children and adults are essential to close relationships.  Watching this video about the new “PBS KIDS Talk About” web series, we see the fun and inspiration that can come from conversations about subjects like bravery, courage, self-confidence, and family.  No wonder PBS KIDS Talk! from KET Education won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Educational and Informational Series!

In addition to being fun and informative, these PBS KIDS talks can serve to model the kinds of conversations family members can  

have to foster ongoing communication about the joys and challenges of growing up.  Having a habit of talking about whatever may arise in the hearts and minds of children — positive and negative — is a way to grow together as a family.

You can watch PBS KIDS Talk! from KET Education on the PBS KIDS Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel and PBS KIDS Video app.

The following episodes are now available on YouTube:

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