For Massachusetts’ STEM Week

While we’ve know for quite a while that STEM education is essential, Massachusetts now highlights science, technology, engineering and mathematics during its STEM Week.

PBS has a history of educating in these content areas — long before STEM became an acronym!  Remember Sesame Street’s Count, Sid the Science Kid and the Wild Kratts’ brothers to name just a few?  And let’s remember that PBS Learning Media houses PreK-12 STEM classroom resources from programs like these and others such as NOVA for older students. You’ll also find almost 100 STEM collections that can be filtered by grade, content area and resource type.  (You can also search subjects like Women in STEM to find resources to narrow by grade, content and type.)

To celebrate Massachusetts STEM Week, GBH Education offers daily design challenges, building projects, curated PreK-12 STEM resources, and an educator webinar on October 21st at 7pm — all of which you’ll find here!


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