Happy Holiday Resources for All Learners

It’s astonishing how many holiday resources PBS offers for learners of all ages!  While there are far too many to pack into one post, here’s a sample for grades ranging from PreK – 12 to help us all remember

that learning over the holidays is important for our spirits as we end one year and start a new one!

Christmas is important to lots of people for lots of different reasons. Students can earn about the holiday’s history and traditions with “All About the Holidays”!

To celebrate Hanukkah, PegPlusCat are celebrating with pal Albert Einstein to help teach what this special observance is all about — and the fun of counting to eight!   And here are ten books about the Festival of Lights that you can read to students to get in the holiday spirit!   For additional holiday read-alongs with students, you explore books that celebrate Kwanzaa, from “The Gifts of Kwanzaa” to “Kwanzaa Karamu.”  

Older students (grades: 6-12) can learn about Japan’s New Year celebration, known as Oshogatsu with this recipe for Ozoni, a one-bowl meal that defines the New Years’ experience for most Japanese people! 

Let’s remember that all of the holidays can be a time of thanks and gratitude!   To remind our youngest students of the importance of friendship — you can have the help of Daniel Tiger! 

And remember that you can search “Holidays” are PBS LearningMedia for more holiday searching!

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