Sesame Street Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Much More!

We can count on Sesame Street (no pun intended:) to help kids celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy with Elmo and his friends.

Beyond this important day, Sesame Street Workshop offers wonderful resources for belonging and identity.

First, this video shows how Elmo and his friends celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by creating Peace Tree leaves with pictures of how they will carry on Dr. King wish by treating people fairly and kindly.

An important part of children’s behavior and identity is to see themselves as healthy and capable. Children can build on this strength by exploring this video about Rosita’s morning routine before school, then make lists of their familys’ morning routine together!

In the episode of “Tamir on the Street,” Tamir investigates how we can calm big feelings by taking deep breaths. With Ji-Young and Grover, Tamir demonstrates two things we can do when we are feeling upset, frustrated, or angry.

When the word of the day is — Resilience! — this video shows Rosie Perez and Grover exploring what it means to be resilient as they get ready to go roller skating together and move on despite the challenges they face.


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