Women’s History to Inspire Students & for You!

Whether for students or for your personal enrichment, PBS provides amazing ways to learn about and be inspired by women’s history in our country and around the world.  From video clips, lesson plans and support materials to documentaries and more, here’s

what we want to share with you:

From PBS LearningMedia:

Women’s History Month focuses on women and girls around the world. The films tell powerful, personal stories; activities encourage students to learn and understand international struggles and take an active role in addressing local concerns.

Teaching Women’s Suffrage provides video clips, lesson plans, and primary sources to detail key figures, events, and regional movements of the decades-long fight to win the right to vote for women in the United States.

1920’s and Women’s Education | Filthy Dreamers looks at the 1920s, a new age for women in American with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment (including backlash as well as newfound freedoms).

Women’s Empowerment includes activities and supporting video modules that encourage students to examine key social and political issues impacting women.

Pursuing Peace: Women and Conflict in Northern Ireland | Women, War & Peace II shows women who came together to pursue a peaceful future during Northern Ireland’s bloody conflict in the late 20th century, with a focus on important female activists and politicians working on the front lines.

From other PBS websites:

PBS NewsHour Archive shares many resources for learning and teaching about Women’s History.

What to Watch | Women’s History Month offers documentaries celebrating trailblazing women.

And NEPM’s Women’s History page curates still more for you!




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