In Times of Crisis — Fred Rogers Still Offers Us Good Advice

A recent article in Today entitled, We need Mister Rogers’ video messages after 9/11 now more than ever, reminded me how Fred Rogers’ words continue to calm and instruct — both children and adults.  This video was made when Mister Rogers Neighborhood was no longer on the air, and he was said to doubt whether […]

Fred Rogers’ Legacy of Enduring Themes

Michael Keaton’s tribe to Fred Rogers and his neighborhood helps us to understand why Mr. Rogers’ legacy endures.  Over the years, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood has stood at the forefront of preschool and childhood education with resources imbued with gentleness, wisdom and humor. The Fred Rogers Collection at PBS LearningMedia includes favorite themes

Fred Roger’s Legacy — Teaching with Love & Imagination

Whether accepting an award before a celebrity-studded audience or demonstrating the art of tying shoe laces to his young viewers, Fred Rogers taught with love and imagination. As a result, children loved him.  A recent article in the online periodical JSTOR Daily, Long Live Mr. Roger’s Quiet Revolution, tells how in 1969 children across the […]

Fred Roger’s Legacy — Teaching Us to Value Ourselves & Each Other

“Whether we’re a preschooler or a young teen, a graduating college senior or a retired person, we human beings all want to know that we’re acceptable, that our being alive somehow makes a difference in the lives of others.”  Fred Rogers People from celebrated actors to parents who grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood testify […]

Make Way for ALMA’s WAY!

Yes, ALMA’S WAY is coming soon, providing the perfect time for young ones and their families to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) with this new Latino character from PBS KIDS! Many will be familiar with the series’ creator — beloved Sesame Street cast member and Lifetime Achievement Emmy®-winner –Sonia Manzano, who […]