The Great Gatsby Curve Lesson Plan

Whether The Great Gatsby or economics are part of your curriculum, students can benefit from this video and the lesson from which it’s taken.  The lesson introduces a new economic theory to students through the classic novel and its latest film version.  Additionally, it provides a simulation where resources are not equally distributed and students have an authentic opportunity to experience inequality. Continue reading

Live, Interactive Webcast on April 10 Engages Students in Dynamic Democracy

indexProject C:  Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement is a three-year series of free electronic field trips taking place throughout the civil rights fiftieth anniversary years of 2013-2015.  Project C, which also provides a Teacher Resource Guide, focuses on the role of citizenship in a democracy through the study of historical events and the past to teach the importance of civic engagement in a humane, civil and just society.  Archived electronic field trips with classroom resources are also available. Continue reading

Your Inner Fish Premiere With Accompanying Lesson Plan

On Monday we shared THINK WEDNESDAY’S on WGBY.  This Wednesday, April 9, Your Inner Fish explores how the genetic legacy of a fish can be seen in our own DNA. This cutting-edge scientific adventure reveals the startling truth that hidden within the human body is a story of life on Earth and the legacy of animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.  To bring these discoveries alive in the classroom, PBS LearningMedia provides a lesson guide for grades 6-12 on Your Inner Fish, which includes National Standards. Continue reading

THINK WEDNESDAY for Nature, Technology, and Science

imagesJoin WGBY each Wednesday night at 9p — starting on April 9 —  for THINK WEDNESDAY, a dynamic line-up of programs exploring the thrilling world of nature, technology, and science.  This special night of science explores the animal mind, bionic pets, DNA, and human evolution.  PBS LearningMedia is extending THINK WEDNESDAY into the classroom by offering a new resource collection for PreK-12 science teachers packed with videos, infographics, lesson plans, and interactive games.  Watch a preview. Continue reading

Unlocking The Human Spark

indexWhat makes us uniquely human? In the three-part series The Human Spark, originally broadcast on PBS in January 2010, Alan Alda visits with dozens of scientists on three continents and participates directly in many experiments – including the detailed examination of his own brain. Through PBS LearningMedia’s The Human Spark collection of lesson plans and video resources for grades 5-12, students join Alda in searching for the answers to many of our most age-old questions.  Continue reading

Personal Finance Lessons for You and Students

WGBY provides you with financial advice from America’s most recognized expert in personal finance with the new PBS special, Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You, which will air on Saturday, March 22, at 5p and 11p and Sunday, March 23, at 9p.  Equally important, PBS Learning Media provides a wealth of resources on finance, including 10 lesson plans. Continue reading

Legendary White Stallions — Living Art!

pPBS3-15317387regThe PBS Nature series presents a vivid history of the legendary Lipizzaner horses. The video traces the origin of these beautiful animals, sparked with scenes of modern riders and their horses, and mares and their foals. Marvel as horse and rider transform what was once a weapon of war into a living work of art. Beyond this stunning video, you can find an impressive range of preK-12 classroom resources Continue reading

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Independent Television Service (ITVS) Community Classroom is a film and curriculum resource series that brings to life some of today’s most vital social issues, pairing film modules from award-winning documentaries with standards-based lesson plans.  To celebrate Women’s History Month by focusing on women and girls around the world, PBS LearningMedia offers a Women and Girls Lead curriculum collection inspired by the landmark PBS mini-series, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.  Here’s a trailer for the mini-series.

Continue reading