Take a Survey About Sid the Science Kid Preschool Resources

Sid the Science KidThe Sid the Science Kid team needs your help. They are designing a new family weekend resource and want to hear from you to shape its development. While still in its primary design stages, this weekend resource will likely be a set of activities that will bridge science learning in preschool from Friday-Monday.

They are especially interested in hearing from parents, caregivers, and heads of households, as you will be our primary users; but have included a separate survey for teachers, as we want to blend the weekend resource into existing classroom routines.

 Parents and heads of households, please click here to access the Family Survey.  Educators, please click here to access the Educator Survey.

Beating the Back to School Blues: Tips on Transitioning from Summer to School

Lots of kids (and some parents and teachers!) feel the back to school blues.  We’ve found some great ways to make this change go as smoothly as possible for your kids.

PBS Parents has a great “Going to School” section that provides tips on making the transition from summer to school days.  Also in this section, you’ll find tips on dealing with school avoidance and even a grade-by-grade guide on what your kids are really doing all day in school.  Teachers: this may be a great resource to share with your students’ parents.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, we hope your transition to school goes smoothly!

School’s out for summer!

Ruff is HappyThis is just a quick note to all of our blog friends: we believe that you’ve all finally finished out the school year (even those of you who had tons of snow days to make up). All of us here at WGBY wanted to wish you a happy summer vacation!

We hope that you won’t forget about us during the summer months. We know that this is a time for rejuvination; however, we hope you will consider checking in with the blog periodically to find new resources for next year. Also, for those of you teaching summer school, we will try to provide some useful materials for you. 

Finally, we would love parents to visit the blog all summer long for great activity ideas to keep kids learning.  Those that run summer programs will also find lots of ideas here.

Best wishes to you all for a fun and fabulous summer!

SID THE SCIENCE KID resources to support early learning and science exploration

SidEvery Tuesday, the Sid the Science Kid website offers new blogs on exploring science with preschoolers, one specifically for parents and families and one aimed towards educators and caregivers.  Read how each group is using science experiments from Sid the Science Kid to encourage the natural curiosity and fascination preschoolers have with science!  Whether you’re a mom or dad looking for some fun stuff to do this summer or child care provider looking for classroom activities, these blogs are a great place to start.