Science in the Snow with Sid the Science Kid

sidWinter may be in full force but the science learning continues with Sid the Science Kid.  Sid offers online games with a winter theme and a science focus.  Play with snowflakes and learn about symmetry.  Explore temperature by sorting plants, animals, and objects into their proper climates.  You can even extend the learning with the Temperature Investigation by learning how to use a thermometer to measure the temperature of hot and cold items.

Celebrate the holidays with SID THE SCIENCE KID!

Sid the Science Kid is lucky enough to celebrate three winter holidays, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa! Join him on his holiday adventure as he travels from the warm west coast to the cold mid west and discovers more about the science behind cold weather.  Sid’s Holiday Adventure airs on Friday, December 23rd at 11am on WGBY.

Learning Tool: Sid’s Science Fair App

The Sid’s Science Fair App for the iPhone and iPod touch allows young children, ages 3-6, to experiment with science learning.  The app was developed to focus on experiential learning with core science and math concepts from classification and identifying patterns to charting and sequencing. Emcee’d by Sid, from the hit series Sid the Science Kid, the app presents three absolutely addictive Science Fair games specially crafted for your curious early learner(s). Here’s a short demo of the app:

You can find this app along with others from PBS KIDS in the iTunes App Store.

SID THE SCIENCE KID Technology and Engineering Week Starts Today!

Sid the Science Kid’s “Technology & Engineering Week”  starts today, running from December 5th – 9th, with new episodes that have a special focus on inspiring young children to take an interest in science. The kick off episode, “I Want to Be a Scientist” stars Emmy award-winning actress, America Ferrera as the voice of Dr. Rosalinda Cordova.

The week begins with Sid and friends taking a trip to the Science Center where they learn more about real world scientists in their own lives including Gabriela’s mom Dr. Cordova and her exciting job as a marine biologist. As the week of new episodes continues, the kids learn about computers from Sid’s mom (who’s a computer engineer), research whether the moon is made of green cheese, investigate flight and learn how to “engineer a solution” when their ball gets stuck in a tree!

Take a Survey About Sid the Science Kid Preschool Resources

Sid the Science KidThe Sid the Science Kid team needs your help. They are designing a new family weekend resource and want to hear from you to shape its development. While still in its primary design stages, this weekend resource will likely be a set of activities that will bridge science learning in preschool from Friday-Monday.

They are especially interested in hearing from parents, caregivers, and heads of households, as you will be our primary users; but have included a separate survey for teachers, as we want to blend the weekend resource into existing classroom routines.

 Parents and heads of households, please click here to access the Family Survey.  Educators, please click here to access the Educator Survey.

SID THE SCIENCE KID resources to support early learning and science exploration

SidEvery Tuesday, the Sid the Science Kid website offers new blogs on exploring science with preschoolers, one specifically for parents and families and one aimed towards educators and caregivers.  Read how each group is using science experiments from Sid the Science Kid to encourage the natural curiosity and fascination preschoolers have with science!  Whether you’re a mom or dad looking for some fun stuff to do this summer or child care provider looking for classroom activities, these blogs are a great place to start.