Video Lending Library Feature: “Reconciliation — Mandela’s Miracle”

Once considered a “terrorist,” Nelson Mandela saved his country from bloody civil war and dismantled the system of apartheid through the spirit of reconciliation. This video details the events that lead up to what South Africans have coined “Mandelas miracle.” Mandela’s “miracle” is built on the notion that even the most terrible tyranny can be overcome through reconciliation, as both sides need to be liberated from the vice-grip of prejudice and injustice. The video is titled Reconciliation — Mandela’s miracle. Borrow it for a month from our library: click here.

Program Feature: “Have You Heard From Johannesburg”

Premiering January 26, 2012 at 10pm on WGBY,  “Free At Last” is the final episode of “Have You Heard From Johannesburg”, a stiring film aboutthe history of the global anti-apartheid movement from Independent Lens.

South Africans tell the story of the most important effort in the anti-apartheid campaign of the 80’s: the alliance that brought together freedom fighters in South Africa as never before. The UDF protests climax in a fierce campaign of defiance, and internationally, Nelson Mandela becomes a household name as the campaign to free him ignites a worldwide crusade.  Check out a preview of this episode set to air tomorrow night:

This five-part series would be a great teaching tool for high school students learning about global issues or the stuggles for freedom around the world. Learn more about Independent Lens by visiting their website.