Congratulations to South Hadley for new elementary school funds

Reported by on 11/29/12, the town of South Hadley was approved for a provisional grant in the amount of $13,874,014 to go toward the building of a new Plains Elementary School.  According to the article: “The current Plains building has a litany of problems, including undersized classrooms and special education resources, antiquated fire protection and lighting, inadequate parking (even for buses), lack of access to natural daylight and fresh air in some rooms (due to additions meant to reduce crowding), heating and ventilation issues and other difficulties.”

Congratulations to Principal Jill Flanders and the South Hadley School Building Committee for obtaining the funding.  A town special election to allocate the funds necessary to complete the project will be held on February 26th.

We want to hear from you – what other towns in western Massachusetts are in need of new facilities?  What buildings would you like to see improved?